Technical Assesment to change land-use

The Ley General de Desarrollo Forestal Sustentable (Mexican Forests’ Sustainable Development Law) establishes that the Technical Assessment must be presented when the land-use on forests, rainforests and arid zones needs to be changed. This Assessment proposes and justifies a new use for the land, which must be more productive than the current one. It needs to prove the feasibility of the Project. Also, will demonstrate that biodiversity would not be endangered, and soils or water quality would not be affected.

This document is submitted by the interested party at the Ministry of Environment or other competent authority, in order to request a change for a current land-use. Its main objective is to identify and evaluate the possible environmental impacts, positive or negative, outcome from this new land-use. After identifying the impacts, the same document must describe the measures to reduce or eliminate the negative ones.


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