Environmental Impact Assesment

The Ley General del Equilibrio Ecológico y la Protección al Ambiente (Mexican Environmental Equilibrium and Conservation Law) establishes that it is compulsory to present an Environmental Impact Assessment to allow any construction or activity that could cause an environmental imbalance. The mentioned Law defines the Environmental Impact Assessment as the “document as for which the interested party presents, based on studies, the significant and potential environmental impacts that its construction or activity could cause. It also must describe measures to avoid or diminish the impacts, when negative”.

The Evaluation of the Environmental Impact Assessment is defined by the Article 28 of the Law mentioned above, as “the procedure by means of which the Ministry of Environment establishes the conditions that the development of constructions or activities must follow. This, in order to protect, preserve and restore the ecosystems, so the negative effects on the environment could be reduced or avoided”.

The main objective of the Environmental Impact Assessment is to identify the potential positive or negative effects over the environment, of the different projects and their development. After the identification, it must establish programs and measures to mitigate, reduce or eliminate all the negative impacts, as well as to maximize the positive ones.

• Environmental Monitoring Programs

• Risk analysis • Environmental Rehabilitation Programs

• Environmental Management Systems, creation and implementation

• Environmental Auditing


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